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Abi Roberts’ Musical CID **** - One4Review

Abi Roberts’ Musical CID ****

| On 01, Aug 2014

Abi Roberts has a load of things going for her, a bubbly, infectious personality, a smiley demeanour good comedy skills and the concept of a show that although not deep or ground-breaking is a very funny way to spend a lunch hour.

She bounds onto the stage, warms up the audience with some gentle getting to know you style of humour and explains that each day a different guest comedian will have the contents of their iPod investigated while in conversation with our amiable host. The show I saw had Stephen Bailey as the lucky lad to admit to his choice of favourite songs for numerous scenarios and he was on fire. I don’t think Abi had to work too hard to generate the laughter that flowed freely throughout the hour, there was a feeling of watching two mates chatting over a drink, except the audience was privy to their conversations.

Although the show ran for its full hour it seemed to me like it had barely started when it was over, always a good sign in my opinion.

So for a different way to start the Fringe day, and learn some musical secrets along the way and even a touch of karaoke why not give it a try?


Reviewed by Geoff

12.300 to 13.30

Gilded Balloon Turrett


  1. I saw the show today with Kate Mulgrew and it was fantastic! Highly recommended. I shall be going back to see Hardeep Sinhg Cohlie next week. A very funny hour.

  2. Suzanne

    we saw Abi Roberts on Saturday, she was brilliant *****. There are so many ‘un- funny’ comedians at the fringe it was a real treat to see Abi – recommend to anyone who wants to interact and laugh.

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