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Gary Colman: ChUNT – The Verb to Grumble - 3*** - One4Review

Gary Colman: ChUNT – The Verb to Grumble – 3***

| On 22, Aug 2014

The start of this show is low key, and followed by the sad topic of an ill dog. During this tale, Colman is disrupted by someone leaving, very slowly. Despite this rudeness, Colman milks every possible bit of comedy out of it, before returning to his track, and from there, the show picked up.

There were a few very well crafted set-ups, interspersed with good call-backs, and some off-the cuff reincorporation of responses from audience members.

His topics are thoroughly varied – his army days, an African tribe’s manhood rituals, under-qualified dolphins, and, with a little help from the audience, mating behaviour of various penguin types. This show does need an occasional dodgy pun warning, but they are still funny.

For much of the show, it feels that there isn’t really a theme, but towards the end, Colman picks up a number of the threads and brings them together, with a finale that lifts the whole thing, and suddenly the slightly all-over-the-place effect is shown to be building blocks to a heart-warming message.

Reviewed by Gill


14:45 to 15:45

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