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The Girl Who 5***** - One4Review

The Girl Who 5*****

| On 22, Aug 2014

This is a wonderful piece of innovative interactive theatre with delightful storytelling. The characters are interesting and engaging with big smiley faces from the audience (old and young) who were engrossed in the show.

The overall production and direction is excellent, the girl of the title has lost her parents and needs to make decisions to try to find them – these decisions are decided by random audience members doing simple things (don’t worry!) which result in a yes/no outcome for example… and we follow the choice in whichever direction it leads. This keeps it fresh for the cast as well as the audience and it would be useful to see the show more than once. The implementation of this is very well done, even with maps of the choices given to the audience. Some of it does appear to be guided but it’s cleverly done; in a way I don’t want to know the answer to that as it would lose its charm.

The venue is simply stunning and absolutely ideal for this show, full of colour and light. Occasionally the acoustics seemed to hinder the clarity and the thunder and heavy rain didn’t help but the cast kept on regardless of course. Musically the piece is very good, each place on the map has different styles of music and they are all sung well and backed by a very good band with excellent sound balance.

Right from entering the venue this production grabs your attention and takes you on a joyous ride of imagination – whatever your age.

Reviewed by Alan.

Assembly George Square Gardens
1550 to 1650

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