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Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever. - 4**** - One4Review

Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever. – 4****

| On 22, Aug 2014

Paco Erhard was, while in Berlin, heckled with the accusation of being the worst German ever, an accolade which most can agree already has the odd hot contender.

On stage he comes across as a very likeable German. He’s not shy about Germany’s history, or about confronting various international stereotypes, but has a strong sense of humour, a sharp insight into human nature, and bundles of energy.

His well-travelled history is thoroughly mined to provide anecdotes, tell tales, and bring on the laughs, with consistency and warmth, and even when expressing interesting thoughts on issues of the day, the gags never stop coming.

Erhard’s knowledge of politics – both British and international – shines through, and his self-deprecating humour keeps this highly intelligent comic immensely likeable.

Reviewed by Gill


20:45 to 21:45

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