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Nocturnal Sunshine of Their Spotless Minds 2** - One4Review

Nocturnal Sunshine of Their Spotless Minds 2**

| On 10, Aug 2015

It is difficult to award overall stars for this show because the standards varied so widely within it. It is three comedians – Matt Duwell, Victor Preda and Declan Kennedy – presenting a short, very different, set each. So those two stars are for the overall feel of the show, rather than an individual performer.

While Matt Duwell has potentially some good material, he lacked the apparent confidence in himself or conviction in his material to take the audience with him. A performer needs to have some faith in his own routine or no-one else ever will.

Victor Preda had much more confidence both in himself and his jokes. Although most of his extremely surreal set was generally inoffensive (although not entirely) and even amusing in places, it seemed to leave the audience rather cold, with one person unsubtly calling it ‘painful’.

Declan Kennedy was by far the best of the three: much more comfortable on stage and with a better pace and fluency in his meandering musing of a routine. I think he might have got on better if the audience had still been receptive by the time his turn came.

All power to anyone who has a go at this stuff. In this show, there is potential.

Reviewed by Laura

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 18:45.

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