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Goose: Hydroberserker 5***** - One4Review

Goose: Hydroberserker 5*****

| On 10, Aug 2016

If you’ve seen Goose before you’ll be delighted to know they’re no longer playing in an oven masquerading as a shipping container, but in a proper lovely theatre-tent. Accordingly, they’ve also upped their game in some of their technicals, like plot devices, staging, and use of AV and associated tech. What remains the same is the heart in the show, the variety of comedic styles, and just how bloody good the whole thing is.

Goose: Hydroberserker is a ‘one-man’ (and a couple of women, some other people and some audience) play-come-sketch-show about Mr Drake’s search for his missing new love. There’s a lot going on in this show, which has been carefully and meticulously crafted. There was a delightful riff on feminism, the best response to a heckler I have ever seen, as well as misdirections, reframing, flashbacks, one-liners, and physical and character comedy.

There’s a bit of audience participation, but Adam is lovely and solicitous of his victims, so everyone seems fairly willing to do their best for him. By the end of the show we were genuinely invested in the outcome of his search, and quite prepared to give the standing ovation this show absolutely deserves.

Assembly George Square Gardens, 16:30

Reviewed by Laura

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