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Lewis Scaffer You are Beautiful 4**** - One4Review

Lewis Scaffer You are Beautiful 4****

| On 22, Aug 2016

One time New York City comedian has been in the UK for ages now performing his largely self-deprecating shows with a style all of his own.
Scaffer eschews the darkened theatre most comics revel in, house lights are on throughout, he greets his audience individually, he roams the room, including everyone whether they want to be or not. As I said his own style.
But he is appealing. He talks well, gathering laughs throughout. You never quite know where he is heading, at times he appeals to be ever so slightly on the edge, but he can’t be ignored and most certainly be dismissed.
He talks about Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Woody Allen and of course everyone’s favourite Donald Trump and a chunk of material on an ex-girlfriend Juliette. Schaffer has his opinions on all these and much more.
If you haven’t undergone the Lewis Schaffer experience, and I use the word intentionally, then this would be a good starting off point. If you have seen him before then it is a chance to see the guy doing what he does so well.
Reviewed by Geoff
Just the Tonic Community Project
17.35 to 18.35
Until 28th

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