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Alice Fraser “Empire”. 5***** - One4Review

Alice Fraser “Empire”.  5*****

| On 16, Aug 2017

Why mention Quantum Physics in your publicity? Perhaps it’s a signal for audiences that Alice’s new show “Empire” is going to be intense.
Intense it certainly was. Starting off with her back to us. I am reminded of Ming the Merciless by her fab costume.
Particle physics is explained, parallels are drawn to life, by touching things we change them.
This show is wonderfully written and performed. Alice is showing such great conviction. This must surely come from her unusual upbringing and her share of life’s hard knocks. Alice asks if we want to go into more sensitive places? We vote one hundred per cent; yes. A monologue into religious tolerance and the function of fashion was followed by assessments of our western values and priorities.
Early life in Australia was without TV for Alice but access to books and song circles seem to have developed a strong talent. I am so glad she gave up proper jobs to get her message out and to make us laugh.
I look forward to further writing and performing.
Some serious topics but how we laughed. Go see!
Gilded Balloon Teviot (Billiard Room)
16-28 Aug

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