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Bernie Keith Life Without Sat Nav 3*** - One4Review

Bernie Keith	  Life Without Sat Nav	3***

| On 16, Aug 2017

Bernie’s BBC radio background should give him an edge when it comes to delivering his material, but I recommend he drop in the odd un-radio like pause between gags.
We didn’t really get a chance to laugh before the next cracker was unleashed.
When flowing the content was excellent. I sympathised with his musings on dating via social media and shared his pain when mobile phone shops stop communicating.
Another of Bernie’s anxieties is that, apparently, he looks like a certain celebrity football manager and this is a great cause for concern. Often the weekly shop is interrupted as yet another autograph hunter grabs him.
Entertaining as the show was, it was perhaps not quite as edgy as we like at the Fringe.
Never the less Bernie can hold his own at a stand-up gig.
If looking for entertainment, and laughs you get plenty here.
Gilded Balloon Teviot (Billiard Room)
Until 27th August

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