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Amy 25, Almost Cool 3* - One4Review

Amy 25, Almost Cool 3*

| On 12, Aug 2017

Amy awaits a visit from her friend Alison, someone she paints as the epitome of ‘cool’. Over their catch up it becomes clear that Amy is hopelessly insecure, always measuring herself against others (and coming up short) and always worrying what people think of her actions. As a result she has a career she doesn’t love and hasn’t had a boyfriend for 2 years. Just when she gets a glimmer of hope of a date she ends up stuck in her prom dress whilst reminiscing over another failed attempt at romance.
Although engagingly played by the 2 actresses – Dari Lynn Griffin and Rosalie Soussan – the play lacked real substance, with the reason for Amy’s insecurity coming to light in a very rushed explanation by Alison. The fairly short length of the play didn’t allow for any real examination of the reasons for Amy’s insecurity but there were flashes of real humour which made it a more pleasurable 40 minutes.
Reviewed by Rona
C Royale
August 2nd – 22nd

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