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Juliette Burton – Butterfly Effect 4**** - One4Review

Juliette Burton – Butterfly Effect 4****

| On 05, Aug 2017

The Butterfly effect is a term out of chaos theory that a small action can have major effects elsewhere at a later time, and is aptly coined for Juliette Burton’s latest offering.
Now it is no secret that Ms Burton has had mental health issues, she has documented them over a few shows and is still in therapy some seven years later. Her therapist suggested that she should be kind to herself and the ever inventive performer she is, she turned it into the 2017 show.
2017 did not start well for her, a serious family health issue, a deceased pet and a relationship wobble left her in pieces on Kings Cross Station and a random strangers little help started the butterfly effect in her.
With AV pieces, voicemail recordings and of course a wine or two, abetted by her delightfully well written piece, performed as only she can, the hour is nicely paced and has laughs aplenty throughout.
There is a little audience participation both before and towards the end as all the audience are encouraged to try and make the world a better, happier and definitely nicer place.
She certainly has done her bit with this show so how could we not help?
Gilded Balloon Wee Room
16.30 to 17.30
Until 27th (not 14th)

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