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Pierre Novellie 4**** - One4Review

Pierre Novellie 4****

| On 18, Aug 2017

Sweeping into his shipping container box dressed in a wine coloured velvet jacket and a casually undone bow tie South African born Novellie is the epitome of a suave and sophisticated chap. He claims we have been captured by Somali pirates and he has been hired to entertain until the ransom is paid.
That’s as maybe, but entertain he does and then some with his always immaculately written and smoothly delivered hour of his thoughts and deeds. No need for a theme in his show.
He muses over flying in small planes, a land-locked Budgie the Helicopter, Hallowe’en, cat costumes, comfort eating, awkwardness in dating and issues in his younger life as a cartoonist / caricaturist on the streets of his then home in the Isle of Man. All these and more had the container in hoots of laughter.
Novellie maybe doesn’t draw pictures physically these days, his ability to do the same with his words do as good, if not better, a job throughout. He has appeared on TV a few times recently and it is inevitable that he will do so much more in my opinion.
All too soon the ransom must have been paid and we were released from captivity. I’m sure that I was not alone in wishing it could have lasted longer.
Reviewed by Geoff
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21.45 to 22.45
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