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Janey Godley – For Godley’s Sake 4**** - One4Review

Janey Godley – For Godley’s Sake 4****

| On 18, Aug 2017

Janey Godley is undoubtedly one of the biggest draws in Scottish comedy and it is always difficult to see her shows as the queues build up way before show time, often with many turned away.
It is not difficult to understand why. Ms Godley is a down to earth no nonsense comic who tells things like it is and takes no prisoners along the way. She majors this hour on her family and herself, her husband’s autism, her daughter still living at home, the onset of her menopause for example, all give her scope to write bitingly funny, delightfully observed material which has the ‘upstairs cellar’ she plays to in stitches.
The recent loss of her much beloved father however showed her in different light as she recounts anecdotes from their times together bringing a touch of pathos into the humour of the situations related.
He accounts of Twitter spats, the attempt to get a dog, opinions that she may be a spy, her much publicised Trump protest and Janey’s solution as how to tackle Isis are all topics that she paints verbal pictures of, with genuinely laugh out loud results.
This is a show you wouldn’t want to miss, so get in the queue early.
Reviewed by Geoff
Free Sisters Maggie’s Chamber
20.15 to 21.15
Until 27th

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