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Pippa Evans – Joy Provision 4**** - One4Review

Pippa Evans – Joy Provision 4****

| On 04, Aug 2017

With all the turmoil that is occurring in the world today we definitely need someone who can make everything seem better and the person to step forward and fill that role is definitely Pippa Evans.
Ms Evans has always been very funny, whether in improvised musicals, character comedy, in fact anything she turns her hand to, so it was little surprise to see her 2017 Edinburgh show very well attended such is her reputation. And of course she delivered. As always.
Accompanied with keyboards and percussion Pippa leads one and all on a journey of discovery, her early life, Brit pop rivalry, and well written funny anecdotes, we have her pitch for a TV game show, her simple solution to make even the worst things better. But of course it is her self-penned songs and brief adaptations of well-known ones that really makes the show the success that it is. It is impossible not to laugh out loud at her occasionally irreverent humour and fun poking but the joy she provides certainly made those in the revamped Pleasance Cabaret bar feel a whole lot better for at least the hour spent in her company. Oh and don’t leave too soon at the end. You wouldn’t want to miss the pyrotechnics!
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Cabaret Bar
14.40 to 15.40
Until 27th August

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