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Christopher Macarthur–Boyd:- Home Sweet Home 4**** - One4Review

Christopher Macarthur–Boyd:- Home Sweet Home 4****

| On 21, Aug 2018

Christopher McArthur-Boyd may be slight in stature, 5’3’’ he informs us, but he certainly isn’t lacking in comic ability and charisma as the busy shows so far this Fringe will testify to.
Glaswegian Macarthur- Boyd made people feel at home from the onset, his crowd work easing everyone into the main body of his show, which had more stories and laughs to both thoroughly entertain, yet we did learn a bit about WWE as well ‘cause he found a fellow enthusiast amongst us.
There were stories on a number of issues in his life, millennials still living at home due to housing costs, his family, previous job in his father’s business, perceived sexuality, tattoos, comedy gigs and travels, ‘historic’ porn versus modern day stuff, cybersex and his long distance relationship, all of which this amiable comedian got the chuckle muscles exercising from one and all. His almost laid back delivery style and often self-deprecating stories were both delightfully written and delivered and it is fair to say that even the most cynical customer seemed to be having a good time and the vast majority a great one.
Christopher has been a major player on the Scottish circuit for a while now and with offerings like this I’m sure he will soon be seen more and more on the national and International stage. Who knows before long he may be able to afford to get his own place?
Reviewed by Geoff
Gilded Balloon Turret
22.15 to 23.15

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