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Luke Rollason's Planet Earth 3*** - One4Review

Luke Rollason’s Planet Earth 3***

| On 03, Aug 2018

Luke Rollason’s Planet Earth is set in the future where the ‘recent’ environmental collapse of 2019 has resulted in the extinction of many of the endangered species of animals and institutions including the BBC…almost, but thanks to one lone remaining intern, many are brought back to life in this hour.
This is a enchantingly silly and entertaining hour in which Rollason uses his vast repertoire of talents, backed up with a plethora of low-tech devices to take over from David Attenborough and deliver his attempt to continue with nature documentaries.
This is like the Fringe used to be, delightfully raw and enthusiastic and there can be no doubt the comedic skill this young performer has. The idea well thought out and executed and the persona created is engaging throughout. I loved the post-it notes the ‘graphics’ on the overhead projector, the shadow puppetry, the audience interaction and involvement and the audience I was part of certainly went with him on the journey.
There were occasions when he reminded me somewhat of Rowan Atkinson in style and expressions. Time will tell if Rollason will climb to those heights, time will tell, but this hour is certainly a good step on the road.
Reviewed by Geoff
Monkey Barrell 2
14.30 to 15.30
Until 26th (not 15th)

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