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Jim Tavare :- From Deadpan to Bedpan 4**** - One4Review

Jim Tavare :- From Deadpan to Bedpan 4****

| On 03, Aug 2018

It seemed for a number of years, albeit a decade or two ago, that the distinctive presence of Jim Tavare was on every poster board around Edinburgh, dressed in his tail suit in tandem with the inevitable double bass and this together with his delightful deadpan delivery style and well-constructed material enabled him to sell out his venues on a regular basis. He hasn’t performed at the Fringe since 1998, but he is back his year and even at this early stage of this year’s run it is obvious that the years haven’t blunted his charismatic presence.
The suit and bass are no longer in evidence, but as he relates the tale of the trauma that has occurred in his life recently who cares? His story, well-crafted and compellingly delivered as only he can, had this audience hanging on his every word, and the accompanying AV added to illustrate some of the events along the way.
There are plenty of his style of humour woven into the story as one would expect, yet one could not call it a gag fest. In this all too quick hour it’s the story and the man himself that are the selling points and make it a show not to be missed.
Reviewed by Geoff
The Counting House Ballroom
16.15 to 17.15
Until 26th (Not 13th)

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