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Stand Up, Weather Girl 3*** - One4Review

Stand Up, Weather Girl 3***

| On 15, Aug 2018

This show is warm and enthusiastic, and not the worst way to spend an hour. Ms Fraser was an English teacher, is now a supply weather presenter, and feminist. She’s struggled to reconcile these last two (presenting and feminism), mostly because some people on the internet have proffered their irrelevant opinions on her appearance.

The show draws out two strands in parallel – how Sam came to be a weather presenter (and how she feels about it now), and how it became possible for a non-meteorologist to present the weather. This, and Ms Fraser’s engaging sparkle (there’s just something nice about her), is an interesting enough story to keep people to the end.

Ms Fraser’s comedy relies on smut and easy one-liners, though there is one lovely one about thongs. Her presenting style retains something of the weather, and hasn’t quite fully migrated into live-on-stage-in-front-of-an-audience mode. Apart from this, she came across as friendly, and committed to doing the absolute best show she could.

Reveiwed by Laura
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 19:45

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