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Tony Law: A Lost Show 4**** - One4Review

Tony Law: A Lost Show 4****

| On 11, Aug 2018

Mr Law says he relies on a reviewer to tell him what his show was about each year, because he himself has no idea. I am certainly no more qualified than Mr Law to render that summation, but I will try to explain what it’s like to be in his audience, so you’re prepared.

There were so many voices – not all appended to a different character, some just appeared to be different manifestations of Tony’s mind – that I’m not quite sure which one is his most common one. There was a lifelike foghorn, some WWII aircraft, a monkey, and the declaration that ‘it’s all about the lamps’. There was also a set list, with which Mr Law came brandishing to the stage, but how far it was adhered to or contained anything useful or relevant to the show is not within my purview.

The show’s like a popcorn maker in that anything might explode from Mr Law’s brain at any point and you can’t predict what. Most of it will be funny, but there might be a couple of chewier bits. Most of the audience I was in seemed to know what they were in for and had a bloody good time.

Reviewed by Laura
Monkey Barrel, 15:00
Until 26th

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