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Mark Simmons:- Onelinerer 4**** - One4Review

Mark Simmons:- Onelinerer 4****

| On 22, Aug 2018

I suppose that it is not everyone that can say that they love a one liner, but judging the crowds attending Simmons gigs there are quite a lot and such fellow comics as Tim Vine, Gary Delaney, Stu Francis and Milton Jones have all made careers out of this comedy genre. Mark Simmons is in my opinion another who deserves to be lauded for his contribution to the style too.
Simmons is a likeable chap, all-inclusive and delivers an hour of top class material, clever gags, great misdirection and intelligent in his approach to his art. It seemed that some jokes were maybe a bit too clever for some, but he offered to workshop them if they were struggling.
The gig I attended he had a couple of rather over enthusiastic punters who wanted to get involved, yet far from throwing his rhythm, he used them to great effect.
But although it is all about the one liners Mark used one of the best set ups I have seen for ages for a section towards the end of his all too short 50 minute set, and in doing so gained innumerable laughs and a whole lot of respect into the process.
His shows are always popular, get there early, make sure you get your token, it’s free to get in, and enjoy a guy who deserves to be going places.
Reviewed by Geoff
Banshee Labyrinth Chamber Room
16.00 16.50
Until 25th

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