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Leo Kearse: Right-Wing Comedian 4**** - One4Review

Leo Kearse: Right-Wing Comedian 4****

| On 22, Aug 2018

My politics are generally left-leaning, so I went to this show expecting a bit of cognitive dissonance and having to suspend my distaste in order to give a fair review. Turns out I haven’t had to suspend it as much as I thought (or even as much as I have done for other, non-political, shows).

Mr Kearse is, as he acknowledges in the show, deliberately provocative with some of his statements and viewpoints, coming across variously as rampantly self-interested, prone to generalisations and stereotypes, and with a penchant for punching down rather than up. He does also however, aim his ire at both the right and the left, highlighting stupidity on both sides.

Structurally, the show works well, with gentle transitions between stories (indicators and gear changes, rather than handbrake turns) and everything linked to a coherent central theme. Delivery is confident and clear, with all audience interaction on his terms – you’re in no doubt you can speak only if you’re spoken to (a necessary skill with this show). If you’re not particularly comfortable with one anecdote (and not just for political reasons!), the pace is such that you won’t have to wait long for something else to take its place. Most of the audience were roaring with laughter regularly through the show, even if a few of us weren’t.

He makes a valid and well-argued point about making space for all points of view – even if they are distasteful – and on that we do agree.

Reveiwed by Laura
Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 19:30
Until 26th

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