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Alice-India: Sorry I'm So Great or Whatever (WiP)– 2** - One4Review

Alice-India: Sorry I’m So Great or Whatever (WiP)– 2**

| On 19, Aug 2019

This show started with a ‘sorry I don’t normally do this but…’ and never really felt like it got into any sort of stride, or flow.

The interesting question is exactly how much that was the intent. Was it possibly some complicated plan to confuse the punters? A social commentary on the way many Fringe shows are? Is she actually as scatty and disorganised as she comes across? Is she deviously playing with our expectations in some kind of meta- way? Could anyone truly be as completely needy as she comes across? Possibly all or any of those things. And she did get some laughs from the small crowd along the way.

There was a quick set from another comic – Harry Monahan – which was amusing, with some interesting topics.

But it just felt flat overall. Not bad enough to hate with any venom. Not horrific enough to be a clever, complicated character. Not funny enough to be anything other than a bit of a shrug.

Whether ‘Work in progress’ is a send up of the far too many shows using that title as an excuse for being a little ragged around the edges these days, or merely her own excuse, it wasn’t well done enough for either option.

Reviewed by Gill
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House
21:30 – 22:30 (until 25th)

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