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James Phelan:- Defined 4**** - One4Review

James Phelan:- Defined 4****

| On 10, Aug 2019

James Phelan is a former Britain Got Talent comedy/ magician who also stars in a BBC radio show, yes magic on the radio, really. Also it transpires that he is the nephew of Paul Daniels, a fact and one of the reasons Phelan turned to magic in the first place.

He is not shy and retiring, hell no! 4ft high brightly lit letters spelled out his name on the stage behind him this confident and yes highly talented young magician had stage presence by the bucket load.

He can perform ‘mind reading tricks’, card tricks, seemingly impossible scenarios involving pins and dental floss and an absolutely mind-blowing finale involving mobile phones.

There is a plethora of audience involvement throughout, I did wonder why he repeatedly used the same few members of the audience to get involved, maybe it was for continuity or perhaps he read our minds collectively and decided they were the only ones willing to play along.

All the magic material was nicely linked with Phelan and his brand of comedy material.

He is definitely an up and coming performer and I’m sure he will go far. If magic is your thing then see if you can conjure up a ticket and to paraphrase his late uncle, you will like it, quite a lot.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Dining Room

18.45 to 19.45

To 26th (not 14th)


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