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Sam Morrison :- Hello Daddy 3*** - One4Review

Sam Morrison :- Hello Daddy 3***

| On 17, Aug 2019

Sam Morrison is a young New York comic who has brought this show to Edinburgh to both entertain and in a lot of cases educate his audience about the trials and tribulations as being a closet gay in a small New York state town.
Morrison has a sparkling personality, almost as sparkling as his wide smile, and he leads the story forward, of his emergence from said closet, moving to New York City and why he goes for older daddy figures or are they really bears.
From initial attraction to a Seth Rogan-esque professor, through fancying his friends dads, an initial attempt at straight sex, Morrison leaps back and forward in his narrative, spills gags and asides at will, occasionally mixing in props along the way as well.
For all the charisma, stage presence and definite comedic abilities he possesses I did feel the show was a little hard to follow. At times I wasn’t sure which part of his story we were at and for me at least a lot of the entertainment value was diminished by it, he does also speak fairly quickly too.
Reviewed by Geoff
Juts the Tonic at Marlins Wynd Just the Wyndy Room
17.25 to 18.25
Until 25th

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