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Garrett Millerick:- Smile 4*** - One4Review

Garrett Millerick:- Smile 4***

| On 17, Aug 2019

Sunflower, the 2018 show by Garrett Millerick swiftly became a popular and critically acclaimed success, partly due to the sad bit, that being his wife and her near brush with death. But he has a problem this year, no potential tragedy or disasters in his personal life. What to do? Invent them said a top TV producer. No, Millerick has more credibility than that.
So it is really back to basics, something he does very well, that of being an opinionated, solidly funny comedian, who has views, not always fashionable certainly, however he is not afraid to share them full throttle, he holds a mic, but such is his power of his voice he has little need for it, possibly something to do with his hands while he exhorts the entire room.
He loves Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, maybe another shouty man attraction, to his disdain of individuals recycling, what’s the point when bigger players do little, his perceived dislike of social media and being fed up to the back teeth with Brexit, aren’t we all, to highlight just a couple of his assorted topics which give him scope to vent his spleen.
This hour is not just the rants of a deranged soul, it is full of laugh-out load gags, splendidly put together by a very good comedian and one that should be witnessed at least once, why not now.
Reviewed by Geoff
Just the Tonic at The Tron
17.00 to 18.00
Until 25th

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