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Look No Hands 4**** - One4Review

Look No Hands  4****

| On 14, Aug 2022

A debut solo play by writer performer Lila Clements, a semi-autobiographical story based on a cycling collision she had back in London in 2010 and written during lockdown in 2020. As we enter the theatre, the backdrop is a display of bicycle wheels behind which a screen shows a London street scene that we learn is Kennington Road, where the accident took place. A cycle is fixed centre stage and is cleverly used as a prop throughout, doubling as a steering wheel and wheelchair at times. The play follows the journey of cyclist Vee, who tells us that her love of cycling began as a child, being taught to ride by her father, and how much she enjoys whizzing along on her bike with the wind whistling through her hair. After the accident, Vee wakes up in hospital with no idea how she got there and no memory of what happened to her. She starts to piece together the events of the day, firstly through the court case, where Lila also plays the defence Counsel cross-examining Vee about an accident she cannot remember. She also learns, from the witness reports, that she is lucky to be alive. After experiencing dream-like hallucinations associated with PTSD, Vee finds herself back at the scene of the accident, and suddenly realises that she feels much better about herself now than before the accident. The play is beautifully written, and Lila’s performance is mesmerising and thoughtful throughout. I would highly recommend this engaging hour of fringe theatre.


Reviewed by Howard

Summerhall, Red Lecture Theatre

16.30 (1hr)

Until 28th August (not 15th or 22nd)

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