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Sarah Southern: Scandalous 3*** - One4Review

Sarah Southern: Scandalous 3***

| On 10, Aug 2022

Ms Southern was wrongfully embroiled in a political scandal and splashed across newspaper front pages. After ten years and a lot of negative impact on her life, Ms Southern presents this show recounting her experience.
And it’s fascinating to hear about. The front pages would really rather we forget that there are actual people with lives and feelings in amongst the stories they tell, so hearing it from the perspective of someone who’d lived it was horrifying, but also very interesting. As someone with a particular fondness for scandal and gossip, I’m sure Ms Southern understands that it can be both.
Ms Southern is a confident performer, and knows her material well. The show is structured well, with some scene setting and character introduction before we get to the real juicy bits of the story. The pace and the interest is maintained throughout, and the show doesn’t dip. This is story-telling, not laugh-a-minute stand-up, so while there’s enough funny to keep us amused, this show is perhaps most properly called entertaining. No audience participation required either, so just sit back and soak up the story.

Reviewed by Laura

PBH’s Free Fringe @ The Voodoo Rooms
13:40 (not 25th)

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