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Rizal Van Geyzel: Arrested 4**** - One4Review

Rizal Van Geyzel: Arrested 4****

| On 11, Aug 2023

Very few comedians would dare tell the same joke four times (at least!) in the same show, let alone do so successfully, and get funnier each time. Mr Van Geyzel, comedy club impresario, convict, and utter delight, achieves this and delivers an all-round fabulous show.

The thing Mr Van Geyzel has is his energy: both in the sense that he did not falter in that energy or enthusiasm or commitment at any point during the show, but also in the sense of the vibe he has: an authority and control that means you can relax, and leave it to him. This is perhaps unsurprising, given he’s run a comedy club in Malaysia for the last eight years. That comedy club’s the thing that got him arrested.

Rizal tells us he sees comedy as a way of connecting people, and of building bridges, and you certainly get that sense in this show: he’s open and curious and passionate about comedy, as well as having integrity and principles. He’s also got the skills to back that up. He knows how close to walk to whatever line he’s currently flirting with and is willing to take risks – like getting a bit philosophical and meaningful – for justified reward. Great stage presence, engaging performer, and a fascinating story.

Reviewed by Laura

Laughing Horse @ Bar 50
21:00 (1hr)
Until 27th

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