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Music 2007 Archives - Page 2 of 2 - One4Review

The Magnets – Six Mics, No Luggage

August 8, 2007 |

The Magnets return to Edinburgh proving their Attraction is still strong and their electrical charge is totally positive. Both Geoff and I enjoy acappella performances and The Magnets are one of the very best of those around. Two years … Read More

Naked Voices Extraordinary Acapella

August 8, 2007 |

After a break from the Fringe last year Naked Voices make a welcome return to the Fringe this year and I was privileged to see their opening gig in a packed out C Venue. This exceptionally talented group of … Read More

Nick Pynn – Opaque

August 8, 2007 |

Mr Nick Pynn first came to our attention whilst keeping Boothby Graffoe, comedy genius, under control and supporting him musically. I would also class Nick as a genius, in his own right, it would be difficult to surpass his … Read More

Out of the Blue

August 8, 2007 |

One of the many acappella groups that are performing at the Fringe, and more specifically at C Venues, Out of the Blue have been gracing the Edinburgh with their appearances  for a number of years now, so how come … Read More

The Oxford Gargoyles – Jazz A Capella

August 8, 2007 |

As it says in the title the Oxford Gargoyles jazz up all the acappella numbers they do, these range from classic jazzy-bluesy numbers to a fantastic rendition of the classical Flight of the Bumblebee. They are perhaps not in … Read More

Shoo Shoo Baby – Never Undressed! 

August 8, 2007 |

Sassy redhead Tania and blond bombshell Anna are together ‘Shoo Shoo Baby’ they are joined by the talented hunk that is Michael Roulston on the piano. Together they are rehearsing their China Spectacular, with which they are to open … Read More

Silent Disco – Visual Galaxy

August 8, 2007 |

Silent Disco is far and away the best fun you can have with headphones on.  Or off.  Or on again.  The principle is as follows: on arriving at the venue you will be given a set of headphones through … Read More

Samba Sene & Diwan

August 8, 2007 |

Being a fan of most forms of music Geoff and I are always on the lookout for something new! This I found in Samba Sene & Diwan. Samba Sene was born in Senegal and moved to Scotland 7 years … Read More