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Flanders & Swann: A Brand Gnew Aftergnoon

August 8, 2009 |

Flanders & Swann:  Once again I allowed the genteel side of me appear spending time in the company of Flanders and Swann with their new show ‘A Brand Gnew AfterGnoon’. Tim  FitzHigham as Flanders and Alex Silverman as Swann … Read More

Gavin Osborn – Meeting your heroes 

August 8, 2009 |

 – Meeting your heroes The introduction to Gavin Osborn’s show may have worried some audiences – it isn’t usually a promising start when the performer on stage tells you he has done very little preparation for his show. However, … Read More

Go To Gaza, Drink The Sea

August 8, 2009 |

To be perfectly honest had it not been for the Guy Masterson name attached to this production it would not have made my Fringe viewing list.  With this subject matter my first thought was don’t we get enough of … Read More

In The Pink – Fabulous All-Female A Cappella

August 8, 2009 |

In the Pink consist of 13 singers. There is a good variety of music to showcase their talents. Most of the items are pop songs from past decades. Since the girls moved continuously from one song to the next, … Read More

Jazz A Capella – The Oxford Gargoyles

August 8, 2009 |

This group of 12 students from Oxford University have put together a beautifully crafted show. There is a blend of jazz standards such as ‘It’s all right with me’, a touch of the Blues and a very funny comedy … Read More

Lady Carol:  Tomorrow Is My Turn

August 8, 2009 |

Lady Carole is a performer that had escaped my notice until this year. I first witnessed the very elegantly dressed  and stunningly attractive performer on ‘Girls with Guns’ doing a short section of her set and immediately wanted to … Read More