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Antonio Forcione  -  Al Dente! - One4Review

I was introduced to Antonio Forcione through the brilliant comedian Boothby Graffoe during the ‘What Italian’ tour. Strangely enough introduced on stage by self same Boothby but I’m not sure what he meant by saying Antonio’s hands are like Spiders, Centipedes perhaps because he gets so many different sounds out of one guitar. I absolutely love music shows because I can just sit back and enjoy the music and looking at the performer. Usually Antonio’s set is predominantly his own compositions but for a change this year he is doing covers. Popular tunes performed with that unique Forcione twist. Some of those include ‘I heard it on the grapevine’, ‘Heart Beat’, John Lennon’s ‘Come Together’ plus many others. He introduced Modeste a musician from Madagascar who played one number and the plan is for them to do a show next year. This brilliant musician is cutting his Fringe run Short to return to Italy to receive an award for his music. So run to get a ticket then sit back relax and enjoy music played by a virtuoso. *****  

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