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That Moment

August 11, 2010 |

2 Stars **

Young actress Jenny Harold takes on around a dozen or so characters in Dougie Blaxland’s solo performance comedy. The central character is Alicia Harding, a struggling young actress/waitress. She recounts the heartaches and the dashed hopes of … Read More

The Cage

August 9, 2010 |

5 Stars *****

Thrillers, of course, are designed to be tense and compelling. Dugald Bruce-Lockhart’s new play, directed by Richard Baron, has these qualities in abundance. In the final moments (no details obviously), I was so caught up in the … Read More

The Friendship Experiment

August 9, 2010 | 2

Four Stars ****

If there were a scale akin to the earthquake Richter scale for measuring performance intensity, Tim and Matt of Big Wow Theatre would be at the maximum rating. They expend an incredible amount of energy from start … Read More

Imperial Fizz

August 9, 2010 |

Three Stars ***

From the play’s beginning there is a sense of discord. An elegant middle aged couple appear. He is dressed in a dinner suit but on closer observation it is oddly tarnished as is his shirt. He is … Read More

Double Booked

August 9, 2010 | 2

Three Stars ***

Ginny Davis’ solo performance play will strike a chord particularly with parents of teenage children.  She takes on the role of Ruth Rich, a fifty something married mother of three teenage children. The oldest is a daughter … Read More

Bane 2

August 8, 2010 | 1

4 Stars ****

Joe Bone is highly adept at solo performance comedy theatre in his parodying of the films of a bygone Hollywood era. As in last year’s production of Bane, the central character is Bruce Bane, a low level … Read More

While You Lie

August 8, 2010 |

4 Stars ****

Make no mistake; Sam Holcroft’s new play is a powerful and bold adult drama. There are numerous themes which she explores – obsession, lying, insecurity and sexual exploitation. The central character is Anna (Claire Lams) and it … Read More


August 7, 2010 |

5 Stars *****

This one-woman show by Hannah Chalmers promises to take us behind the scenes of what goes on in the dark, deceiving world of the Strip Club.  So what were my preconceptions upon going into this show?  I … Read More

MacKenzie Taylor: No Straightjacket Required

August 6, 2010 |

4 stars ****

It is not always a good idea to attempt to repeat an experience I have found. However, I so enjoyed this show last year that when I saw that MacKenzie was treating Edinburgh Fringe goers to a … Read More