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Three Bar Solo - One4Review

Set in a jazz club where the owner Rich, David Oakes is trying to further the prospects of the club. His manager and friend Colin, Jim Bradshaw, is doing his best to run the show and to bring back some of the old kudos to the joint. We meet Chrissy, Susannah Tresillan, the waitress who has family and drink problems. We also discover during the show that she has an amazing voice. Along with the live jazz band who play both on and off stage we met the ‘star’ of the show singer Bea, Helen Spencer who has a good voice but also a massive attitude. Her Musical Director Luke, Tom Guest with whom she seems to have a love hate relationship. The interaction of the characters, intermingled with some cool jazz numbers and a storyline that was easily followed which ended with a twist in the tail. Rather than clutter the stage with extras all the visitors to the club were imaginary people and the interactions were well performed. Some other nice touches made this an enjoyable show but I feel the musical numbers could have been increased to include more from the three men who all have the abilities according to their biogs. Although I am not a pure Jazz fan please expand this show further. ****

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