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How I Learned to Drive - One4Review

How I learned to Drive was written by the critically acclaimed Paula Vogel tackles head-on the controversial subject of paedophilia, with a touch of near incest thrown in as a side order. Set in the States during the late 60’s it major’s on the ‘relationship’ of L’il’ Bit, Elizabeth Donnelly with her uncle by marriage Uncle Peck, Tyler Caffall. Although initially the relationship is build on friendship, it is patently obvious that there is a sexual interest from the uncle to his niece, and even through all this he is portrayed as genuinely loving her, albeit forbidden love. The story progresses through a variety of flashbacks intertwined with current events with a supporting cast of three, Aaron Costa Ganis, Emma Jenkinson and Lotte Wakeham playing a variety of other, mainly family, roles. Director James Bounds drew fine performances from especially Ms Donnelly and Mr Caffall and tackled a difficult subject matter with a fine balance to get the message across. Not the easiest play to watch, given the subject matter, but one well worth checking out for the performances given by the entire company. ****

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