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Paras over the Barras - One4Review

Leitheatre over the years have built up a loyal and regular following for their productions of Scottish comedies – the Chippit Chantie and Walk into my Parlour come to mind. This year they have chosen James Barclay’s play set in the East End of Glasgow in the 1940’s when Britain was at war with Germany. Life has to go on for ordinary folk despite the blackout, air raids, and food shortages. The play touches on death, wedding preparations, and unrequited love. Glasgow banter and one liners sustain the action from start to finish. Strong performances from leads Billy Renfrew, as the long suffering Wullie McSorley, and Ruth McLaren, as his even more long suffering sister Annie, form the backbone of the play. The highpoint in terms of comic timing is the pub scene where Wullie meets up with local hood Fingers McGeachie and prospective glaikit bridegroom Rasputin Plunkett, both convincingly played by Clem Allan and Euan Gregor respectively. Good direction, staging and performances make this an enjoyable evenings entertainment. If you are into Scots cheeky humour, then give this production a try. ****

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