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Deborah Frances - White is Phoning it in - One4Review

Deborah Frances – White is Phoning it in
It is very unusual in entering a Fringe venue to be told to ensure your mobile phone is switched on, but then a} this is a show about mobile phones and b} there is no chance in getting a signal in the Baby Belly Caves anyway. Ms Frances – White has a lot of theories about mobile phone use and the users there of, so much so she has devised a couple of methods in determining the audiences usage, and a number of things a mobile phone can be used for. This is a truly interactive show, she must have spoken to virtually all her audience, elected an assistant, ran her own chat show, and learned from three welsh girls their methods of rating texts with a chilli rating to indicate to sexy rating. These became dubbed the Red Hot Chilli peppers and were a source for her on and off. Deborah certainly royally entertained for the duration of her show and there was plenty of the LOL factor. ****

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