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Lady Chatterley's Lover - One4Review

Kangaroo Court Theatre Company have taken the D H Lawrence classic and updated it to 1984, the year of another Thatcher election victory.   The essence of the story remains, wheel chair bound Clifford Chatterley, played by Nick Thomson, is a influential figure in government circles, but unable to sexually satisfy his beautiful wife Constance, Sally Gooda, and suggests she finds another to sire a child. Constance is attracted to grounds man Mellors, Paul Stacey, and this leads to an inappropriate relationship. The development of this liaison, with many pitfalls along the way and the subsequent breakdown of the Chatterley’s marriage, together with the growing dependency on the care of his nurse leads the play to its conclusion. This is an interesting interpretation, well acted, staged and directed. Obviously due to the nature of the piece there is nudity, scenes of a sexual nature, and strong language, so it would not necessarily be everyone’s thing. ****

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