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Moon The Loon - One4Review

Keith Moon. Drummer of The Who. Probably the best drummer of his time. A tortured soul. This play set between 1970 and 1974, was written by Chas. Early, who also stars as our hero is in a quandary. The Who have threatened his place in the band is in jeopardy due his excessive party life, his boozing and pill popping. Moon cannot understand why his long suffering wife Kim, Reanne Farley or his much put upon aide Neil Boland, Gordon Southern, are always trying to keep him in control. Surely the rock’n’roll life is made for parties. This is the set up as Moon launches himself on the path to destruction, we eavesdrop on sessions with a shrink also which attempts to get to the root of his problems, all to no avail. Early plays Moon with style making this loveable, but exasperating rock star come to life and Ms Farley also comes across well as Kim. So if like me you are a Who fan, then this is a must, and even if you’re not it is still well worth checking out. ****

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