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Adam Hills: Joymonger - One4Review

Adam caught both my eye, he is after all gorgeous, and also my funny bone as I find his humour hilarious. On this occasion Adam had a sign language translator with him and there were one or two deaf parties in the audience one of which were actually Australian. Adam had some fun making the signer translate several rude words and sentences after making it clear she has to translate either exactly what he said or say what a deaf person signs to her but nothing more. Adam got a little carried away with this then had to hall himself back into his show which this year is called "Joymonger" which to me is an ideal description of this talented man. His topics are many and varied and include things that make him shout or want to shout, The differences between how London and Glasgow dealt with the recent bombings, Steve Urwin’s death and Global Warming to name but a few. Did the sign language interpreter deter from the show? Definitely not! If anything it added a different facet, we learnt how to applaud a deaf person but not how to say Joymonger! ****

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