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Debbie Does Dallas – The Musical - One4Review

One of the best titles to be found in the Fringe brochure this year is Debbie does Dallas – The Musical. Those of us of a certain age will no doubt remember the movie, probably the best known film of that genre, but how to recreate this on stage and turn it into a musical as well!!! This is of course a tongue in cheek productions and the innuendos are flying thick and fast through the entire production, as naive Debbie, Louise Dearman cheerleading captain gets selected to join the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, oh and save the sea creatures but she needs money to travel to her dream. Assisted by her friends, well most of them, the money has to be raised but at what cost to her morals and relationship. This is a very well drilled romp of a musical, and although some of the songs are rather forgettable, the singing voices, choreography and high energy performances of the ensemble certainly make this a must see early evening show. ****

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