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Duck Variations - One4Review

David Mamet’s play is centred on the relationship between two brothers who meet in a park to bury their mother’s ashes. The brothers could not be more different. George, played by Mark Edwards, is a soldier dressed in uniform whilst Emil, played by David Seddon, is a left wing poet. The structure of the play is 14 pieces of conversation. As the two brothers sit on a park bench, a conversation about what they can see on a nearby lake, boats and ducks, manages to break the ice and initiate a conversation. As the conversations proceed, the topic of ducks emphasise their differences but also brings them together when they contemplate their attitudes to life and death.   I am left with two impressions of the play and Vivid Theatre Company’s production. One is the imagery in the dialogue, and secondly the flawless performances of Mark Edwards and David Seddon. Their timing is superb in bringing realism to the conversations. ***  

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