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The Last South: Pursuit of the Pole - One4Review

Nobody remembers who comes second. However, in the case of Sir Robert Falcon Scott his failure to defeat Amundsen to the South Pole, and his death and those of his team is celebrated as the utmost epic failure. So much so, we all know the expression ‘Scott of Antarctica’. G.M. Calhoun’s powerful drama is a cleverly conceived and executed portrayal of Amundsen (Jamie Lee) and Scott (Adrian Lukis) in their quest to reach the South Pole. Interweaving their diary accounts, we can follow as a continuous story their fervour, their optimism at the outset of the journey and the contrast between Amundsen’s elation and Scott’s utter disappointment. Rob Mulholloand’s direction is tight and clear. The story is at its most compelling in the recounting of the return journey. Amundsen’s relative ease set against Scott’s desperation – “Eight years of planning prepared me for everything except bad planning”.  A convincing theatrical experience. ****

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