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Ane  Wee Touch O' Class  - One4Review

Ane  Wee Touch O’ Class   by   Rikki Fulton
Leitheatre have a winning formula which I have enjoyed over many years. They stage a full two act Scottish comedy. Celebrating 25 years on the Fringe and playing to packed houses is testament to their success. They have assembled a talented group – directors, players and production personnel. This year’s choice was written by the late Rikki Fulton and is an adaptation of Moliere’s ‘Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme’. It is a period piece set in the Edinburgh ‘New Town’ and much thought has gone into the set design and wardrobe. Archibald (Archie) Jenner is one of the ‘nouveaux riche’ and he is determined to be accepted by upper class society much to the dismay of his wife Clementina. To achieve his aim he spends lavishly on clothes, patronising the arts, taking fencing and elocution lessons. He has also been befriended by the impoverished and calculating Lord Fordell who extracts money from Jenner on any pretext. The humour is traditional in its construction – plenty of banter, playing on words and comic situations. With a dozen or so main characters, there are all manner of intrigues. Nevertheless, at the conclusion there is a big climax and a happy ending. All the cast play their part in bringing out the humour in the play. Don Arnott as Archie Jenner has a commanding presence in the lead role. In parts of the second act he had the manner and delivery that was a reminder of Rikki Fulton himself. Leitheatre know their audience who know what to expect. Each year the company give a rich and satisfying evening’s entertainment. This year’s production maintained their high standard. ****

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