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Love for Sale - One4Review

Maelstrom Theatre Company’s production of Love for Sale is a chilling drama lightened with flashes of humorous insights. It depicts the collision of two of the world’s oldest professions, prostitution and religion. This is reflected in the set design and the play’s format. The set is split into two halves. On one side there is Rose’s flat. Rose (Lisa Sorensen) is an Edinburgh street prostitute in her mid twenties. On the other side is the dining room of Marion’s Glasgow manse. Marion (Anne Kane Howie) is middle aged and married to Gordon. Both are ordained ministers. Gordon is a popular and accomplished minister in one of the more select areas of Glasgow, whilst Marion is a hospital chaplain. Rose and Marion speak in interwoven monologues. Rose comes across as alluring, sexy, intelligent and assured, but still vulnerable. She is not the stereotype stupid junky. On the other hand, Marion appears well intentioned, devoid of sexuality and even naïve. Their descriptions unfold, revealing revelation after revelation, and the tension builds to moving climax. Both actresses portray their characters magnificently. The blend of the charismatic Rose with the dour Marion works perfectly. It is a play which is both uncomfortable yet totally gripping. ****

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