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Dan March - Goldrunner - One4Review

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3 stars

Success and failure are the themes of Dan March’s comedy routine. Few people have experienced real triumph in front of millions of TV viewers. Dan March achieved this as a naïve, geeky 17 year old by winning the Goldrun on Countdown in 1991. Earlier this year he found the video tape of the programme by chance at his mum’s.

During the show he has a screen so we can witness his progress. We are caught up in the excitement of his success. Cleverly he pauses the tape to express the emotions and thoughts going through his head at the time. Now in his mid thirties, single, and living in a rented flat, he is going through something of an early mid life crisis. His life seems to be going downhill particularly in his relationships with women. He wittily recounts the embarrassing disasters and rebuffs. Game shows have certainty with rules and procedures but life does not.

His style is fast and frenetic, laced with amusing asides, although at times stilted. There is also a chance to win a fudge bar with an appropriate little Countdown quiz as his intro.


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