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Girls with Guns - One4Review

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4 stars

With all the controversy that has been stirred up in the media in recent weeks over various detrimental comments made about female comedians it is perhaps a stroke of luck, or maybe very good planning, for this show to be running now.

The usual concept of predominately male comedians with maybe a token female has been turned on its head, as this show is all female, except one token male.

I attended the first of the series and although the audience was rather small, the line up was stellar, and although this changes when the acts are of this quality, I’m sure it will soon be sold out.

Zoe Lyons was compere for the night and of course was superb in her role. Who would have expected anything else! She spoke to the crowd and gagged a little setting all up for opening act Lady Carol.

It was the first time I had seen this stunning, ukulele playing comedian who treated us to three songs and even got the diverse audience singing along too.

The ‘token male’ was Carey Marx, a long time favourite and as usual he rocked. Accompanied by Parsnip his teddy bear Marx was his usually excellent self.

Top of the bill tonight was the ubiquitous Tiffany Stevenson. Not content with her own excellent show ‘Along Came a Spider’, running ‘Old Rope’ and this show, numerous guest spots throughout the city feature this very funny lady too.

All too soon the show cane to an end. And a bloody good hour it was too, and with the promise of more to come get down there now. But watch out, these guns are loaded and the girls aren’t afraid to use them.


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