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The Sociable Plover - One4Review

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5 stars

I have admired Guy Masterson for years and associate any production which bares his name with top quality writing, direction, production and performance. He expects anyone who works with him to give a minimum of 100%. It is obvious when Guy himself treads the boards he has total commitment to that project.

This fringe we get to see Guy in ‘The Sociable Plover’, written by Tim Whitnall who also directs.  Originally Tim was also due to perform this piece with Guy but due to illness had to withdraw. The part of Dave is now played by Ronnie Toms.

We see a wooden building with some bird charts on the wall. Roy (Guy Masterson) enters in full bird-watching gear. He cleans the building whilst setting out his equipment with such precision it screams OCD. He places a photo of his wife in the corner and talks to her. A short while later Dave (Ronnie Toms) enters in a suit which is totally out of place in the wetlands. Roy is searching for one particular bird called the Social Plover. As the interaction between the two progresses we hear a police radio announcement and then a helicopter approaching the hide.

For what happens after that you need to see the show. I just did not see the twists and turns nor the final outcome coming.

The piece is very cleverly written and directed with the audience being guided up the garden path before the sucker punch lands. Both Guy and Ronnie are totally believable characters with whom you sympathise then are almost repulsed by. The best theatre piece I have seen so far.


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