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Ross Noble - Non-Sensory Overload - One4Review

Okay, let’s get the confession out of the way up front. I am a huge fan of Ross Noble, having seen him numerous times over the last ten years and own virtually all of his DVD’s, not to mention always trying he watch his numerous appearances on television.

It has been a couple of years since I last saw him, so was delighted to see this genial Geordie was back on tour with his new show entitled Non-Sensory Overload, and he was coming to my local theatre The Alhambra Dunfermline.

As usual, Noble tours with an extravagant set, each one more exacting and intricate than the previous tour and this version is colourful to the extreme. Noble dressed in black soon appears and although obviously suffering from a bad throat swiftly settles into his routine. Well I say routine, I’ve never seen him do much other that riff off audience suggestions and let his own random thoughts take over as he regales the 800 or so crowd with his humour, usually slightly out there and surreal, but absolutely compulsive.

He has the reputation of starting off trains of thought, or starting stories, and getting sidetracked and not finishing them for absolute ages, but usually remembering to get there and this was much in evidence again throughout the marathon gig for most comedians, but a normal timescale one for Noble.

As usual too was the wide variety of subjects that he chose to run with. Bingo playing nanna’s, guinea pig hunting hicks, an audience sexy dream involving him, remote control toy helicopters, Avatar, shaved bats were just a selection of the unlikely subjects that captured his imagination on the night.

It has become somewhat of a tradition for him to be left ‘gifts’ on the stage during the interval and true to form Dunfermline came up trumps with a selection of strange objects, again giving him scope to exhibit his improvisional talents.

Noble has a hoard of dedicated fans who will always turn out to worship at his feet, and they were there as always lapping up the fare. If you are a fan, or if you fancy seeing him for the first time then check out his website for the list of dates on his current tour.

The Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline has a wide variety of excellent shows planned for the next few months so to check out the shows on offer check out for details.

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