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Asher Treleaven: Matador - One4Review

3 Stars


Being tall and attired in a bright red cape, black trousers and black shirt, he does make an imposing figure when he makes his entrance. Also noticeable is that he is either extremely well endowed or he has stuffed something down his trousers in the groin area. His opening Matador routine speaking English with a heavy Spanish accent is his method of engaging with the audience. When he says Ole, the audience have to give him an Ole back but not look at the cock. He received the response but not always the latter.

Having established a good rapport with the audience the red cape is discarded and he launched into a number of routines with racism, or was it ‘post-modern racism’ as the theme. It is then obvious he is Australian. He exposes the racist attitude typical of some of his countrymen towards recent Asian immigrants which is both funny and ironic when we know white Australians are all of immigrant stock.

He comes from Mt Isa somewhere in the Australian outback. He sings ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ but with his own words listing the many deviants that seem to live in this town.

Further routines are based on getting lost in a Thailand jungle and his battle with a racist ram which involves donning the red cape again. His story telling style is fast paced with plenty of well time asides and throwaway lines. Keeping to the same theme, however, does restrict him and thus each routine has a feel of being more of the same.

Reviewed by Ben

Pleasance Courtyard/Beside: 33

3 to 28 August 2011 (not 16)

20.40 – 21.40

Fringe Programme Page Number: 40


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