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Amused Moose Laughter Awards 2013 - One4Review

| On 17, Jun 2013

£5000 could be yours if you and your Edinburgh Fringe show win Amused  Moose Laughter Awards 2013, which is the senior strand of Amused Moose  Comedy Awards.  Whether you win or not, you can be certain that your  show will be watched by more people who could make things happen for  you, than would otherwise be the case.
Winning this award  provides a great career boost, as both Tony Law who won the shiny moose  trophy and cheque in 2011 and Marcel Lucont who won in 2012, willingly  confirm – both have got television exposure on the back of it.  It has a  great reputation amongst comedy cognoscenti for unearthing comedy  talent which is ‘almost dvd ready’ which otherwise might not have been  noticed.  Importantly, voting at the Final includes votes from  Fringe-goers in the audience and a host of industry guests, plus the  judging panel – so how your show appeals to the paying public comes into  play too.
How it works: Initially your show is viewed online  by comedy industry people, not just in the UK but worldwide, so your  show is getting seen by lots of people who can make things happen  wherever they are if they like what they see.  These industry panellists  (mostly producers, artistic directors, reviewers and promoters) are  keen to watch online because most shows are entered before the Fringe  even starts, so they get ahead of the game.
Therefore to enter  you need to film your show – we recommend filming a preview in June or  early/midJuly.   Filming doesn’t need to be at a professional standard,  though being able to be seen and heard are both pretty important (though  one radio producer on the panel for the last two years watches the  first couple of minutes, and then just listens unless it’s clear that  something visual has just happened in which case she winds back to find  out what that was).
The entry details include information about how upload your filming if you don’t know how.
All details are on which includes the link to the entry form too.
We’re  a week or so late with this announcement this year, but were waiting on  confirmation of the dates of our Amused Moose Comedy Awards showcases  at Soho Theatre on 1, 2 and 3 October.  These feature the winner and two  runners up, and sometimes one other from the ‘Top Ten’ finalists, so it  was important to wait so that could be included here.  London-based  comedy industry people are invited en masse. and many do attend who  weren’t able to see your show in Edinburgh for some reason.
There are a couple of key entry criteria which are worth mentioning now.  To be eligible

  • shows must run on at least 18 dates during the Edinburgh Fringe and be listed on the website;
  • no-one in the show can have any contract, deal or support of any kind from any dvd (or similar) producer/publisher

That’s probably enough information, so we’ll just look forward to  receiving your entries.  Those close at 23.59 on Sunday 4 August.

But  please don’t leave it until that weekend to film your show (or even just  to upload your film and enter) as this can go badly awry (and has done  every year for a few people), so that you’d miss the deadline if any  part of it doesn’t work at the first attempt.

We’re so looking forward to discover this year’s breakthrough comedians and their Fringe shows.
Bon chance, as Marcel would say (who incidentally hosts the Final, on the afternoon of Sunday 18 August),
Hils Jago Director and Producer of Amused Moose Comedy Awards in association with 2entertain

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